Ceri Jones - Photographer based in Berkshire, UK.

This site provide a sample of some of my images across a variety of photorgraphic subjects, I like to photograph a wide subject range but I get most pleasure from capturing woodland scenes. With beautiful woodlands close to home I tend to spend most of my photographic time in the woods and trying to capture the 'wonder of the forest'.

Woodland Gallery - dedicated to capturing the light in the woods - sunrise is a very special time in the woods and provides awesome displays of beauty that soothes and lifts the spirit. I hope this gallery of woodland scenes provides some examples of what waits for the early morning walker in the British woodlands. How are these images created see my  Creative Photography Book - which outlines the approaches and techniques used to capture these woodland images.

Macros and Flowers and StillLife Gallery - I enjoy the world of macro photography particularly capturing the beauty of flowers. The variety of nature also appeals to me and so insects and reptiles are also a subject you will find in these galleries.

Landscapes - Light and land provides a huge opportunity of any photographer and in my opinion is perhaps the hardest to capture well. In many respects this is the photography I wish to develop most and I do see as work very much still in progress!

Enjoy the Blur - shallow focus, motion blur and abstract blur are techniques to excercise the creativity, so please take a look in this gallery. 

I have many of my images published and had some success with some of the larger photographic competitions including:

A Highly Commended in GPOTY 2012

101 Finalist in International Landscape Photographer of the Year 2014.

Finalist in Landscape Photographer of Year (Take a View) 2014

You will find examples of my photography portfolio and other details about me on this site. Please feel free to contact me if you to purchase a print or image file.

Prints of my Images can be found at Photo4me.com (www.photo4me.com) where you can buy photographic prints and canvases.

My Zazzle, CafePress and  DeviantArt sites (see links) provides cards and notes at very affordable prices.

Please view the contact page if you have any further requests.

Thank You.

Creative Woodland Photography by Ceri Jones | Make Your Own Book